If you enjoyed EscapeShow, you'll love our new game:

Alice Escape

A beautifully designed virtual Alice in Wonderland game with live actors!

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״Great idea and great performance! Our team was shocked and didn't understand how this was possible! Exciting, challenging and so funny!״

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How It works

1 - Your team

Your team members will embark on a fascinating, funny, and challenging virtual journey in the “Alice in Wonderland” world in order to help Alice escape back to our world!


2 - Your game

During the game, our amazing actors will guide you through Wonderland where you’ll work together to solve riddles, tasks, and hidden puzzles that require teamwork to solve.

You’ll also encounter fake social media accounts and lots of other surprises all across the web!

3 - Your Link

After booking, you’ll receive your Zoom link. When it’s time, join the call. Once you’re all logged in our actors will join. From there – your adventure begins! 

Our Clients:

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Actress coney taylor experienced our activity with her colleagues and loved it - here's what she had to say:

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FAQ - Most frequent questions and answers

EscapeShow is a unique combination of a virtual interactive game and a live mystery show performed by our talented actors. It’s challenging, funny, exciting and great for groups of all sizes.

The concept is similar: an interactive virtual activity with actors. What’s different is the theme, content, plot, puzzles, riddles, and challenges. Everything is different and new.
It’s a new game where the goal is to rescue Alice from Wonderland.
Also, the plot of the Alice game isn’t based on the participants themselves (unlike the original EscapeShow game) so this game does not require the integration of personal information about the participants.

EscapeShow Alice Is a brand new game perfect for those who have already done the original activity.

Maybe your employees only work from home or maybe they are scattered around the world or in different states. Perhaps they work in a hybrid way, or only work from the office. In any case: A Virtual Team Building is the most convenient, efficient, innovative, modern and fun way to raise morale, get the team to cooperate and give them an activity they will not stop talking about – no matter where they are!

Good question!
Our actors are outstanding, the plot is fascinating and the puzzles and challenges are smart and will make you think outside the box.

That’s why more than *4,100 companies, large and small, have already chosen us for their virtual team building.
*Updated August 2023

No problem! Our game can be played Via zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Meet or Cisco Webex.

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You can play our games 7 days a week, at almost any time!
We have over 30 actors running games!

EscapeShow is suitable for 6 up to… well, we don’t have a limit! You can even book a game for 300 people!

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It’s exciting, challenging and funny!

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